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Struggles Faced in the Research and Development of Electric Vehicles in India: Present Scenario

With an increase in the environmental pollution and a steady increase in the global warming, more attention has been paid to the environmental protection. Due to these concerns, more attention has been paid to renewable energy sources like solar & wind energy as well as new technologies like Electric Vehicles (E.V's). Electric vehicles are generally known as "Zero Emission" vehicles and offer good environmental protection. Electric vehicles in popular media are considered as "Green Transportation" for the 21st century. Car manufacturers, Governments, and Environmental Organizations have started to take more care and invest in the Research and Technology (R&D) of these vehicles. As being stated as "Zero Emission Vehicles" these can drastically reduce the air pollution levels on the earth. So, being the author I assume that these vehicles and the technology should be promoted as well as put to use vigorously in India. However, in spite of enthusiastic political targets and propaganda for the introduction as well as the promotion of electric vehicles in our society, actual sales for electric and hybrid vehicles stay low countrywide. High Price, low-speed, limited range are some of the biggest problems involved with these vehicles. This paper first introduces the demand analysis of the development of the electric vehicles in India followed by problems in the E.V development. Also, the power issues and power demand are covered within this paper associated with these vehicles. At the end, concluding with some suggestions for the development and the counter-measures during the implementation of the technology with respect to the Electric Vehicles (E.V's). Index Terms - Electric Vehicles, Hybrid Vehicles, Fuel Cells, Batteries, Green Transportation.