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Comparison of Characteristics of Various Motor Drives Currently Used in Electric Vehicle Propulsion System

With an all-time increasing demand of typical fossil fuel based vehicles, we are facing an imminent danger of our environment being more polluted in the coming years. Every year more vehicles are added to roads and the total number is believed to surpass 2.0 Billion by 2035. Around 25% of the total industrial CO2 is done by vehicular emissions alone which have been responsible for acid deposition, stratospheric ozone depletion, and climate change worldwide. In India, where the population is very large the vehicular pollution will pose a serious threat to the environment in coming years. E.V's (Electric Vehicle) offer one of the ways to prevent these vehicular emissions as these are popularly known as zero emission vehicles. This paper emphasis on the electric motor drives which are integral components of the electric vehicle. Here an effort has been made to compare different types and the characteristics of electric motor drives used in the electric vehicle. Also, a tabular presentation has been made to compare different types of electric motors used in electric vehicles. Hence, concluding with the classification of specific motor drives best suited for certain characteristics. Index Terms - Electric Vehicles, Electric Motor Drive, Electric Motors, Fossil Fuel, Propulsion.