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Waste Energy Harvesting by Utilization of Exhaust Gas of a Jet Engine by Implementation of a Thermoelectric Material

The paper describes a technique of waste energy harvesting by production of electricity from a thermoelectric material, utilizing the internal energy of the jet engine exhaust as a heat source. The electricity produced is likely to be used as an Auxiliary Power Unit for Cabin Lighting, Cabin Pressurization and Oxygen Supply System. The phenomenon is based on Seeback Effect wherein a temperature gradient across the 2 junctions results in voltage generation across the 2 ends. A duct carrying the exhaust gas from the turbine will be made to flow over one junction of the thermo-electric material. The other junction will be exposed to the free-stream incoming air by another duct carrying the air at much lower temperatures. The establishment of a temperature gradient will result in voltage generation across the two ends of the junction. The following thermoelectric material, silicon germanium semiconductor of a given dimensions will be connected in series – parallel connection to obtain maximum output voltage. The electricity generated will be stored in batteries for future use as an Auxiliary Power Unit. Keywords - Thermoelectric material, aircraft, jet engine, Auxiliary Power Unit, Silicon Germanium n type doping, thermoelectricity, Seeback effect.