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Development of an Actuation System Mechanism for Extension and Retraction of Flight Control Surface by Utilization of a Shape Memory Polymer

The following paper presents an idea of implementation of an actuation system for the extension and retraction of flaps in aircraft control surfaces, made up of shape memory polymer material having the intrinsic property of shape recovery upon application of heat. Shape memory polymers are a type of macro-molecular smart material that can respond to external stimulus with change in macroscopic properties and can recover its original shape upon heating. SMPC (Shape Memory Polymer) materials have the ability to undergo deformation which can later be recovered to transform back into its original shape. The intrinsic property of shape memory polymers of changing their shape as a function of temperature can be utilized for deflection of the flight control surfaces during flight. Keywords - Aircraft, Flight Control Surfaces, jet Smart Materials, Shape Memory Polymer , Actuation system, polymer.