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Waste Energy Harvesting by Utilization of Exhaust gas of a Jet engine for Generation of Electricity by Implementation of a Pyroelectric Material

The paper highlights a technique of waste energy harvesting by production of electricity by the usage of pyroelectric materials from jet engine exhaust & to be used as an Auxiliary Power Unit for the aircraft. The paper covers the basic phenomenon of Pyroelectric Effect and utilizes various parameters to determine the efficiency of smart material crystal of PVDF (Polyvinylidene fluoride) at the exhaust temperature of a jet engine. . The proposed setup will include pyroelectric material strips of given dimensions arranged one after another along the entire surface of the wing in series and parallel combination to obtain maximum power output. A duct from the turbine will carry the exhaust gas at a temperature to the master valve; another duct will be carrying the free stream incoming ram air. The rate of flow will be regulated by flow control valve present at both the duct lines before connecting to the master valve. The establishment of a temperature gradient with respect to time will result in voltage generation across the electrical circuit. The electricity generated will be stored in batteries for future use as an Auxiliary Power Unit. Keywords - aircraft, Auxiliary Power Unit, jet engine, leakage current, PVDF(Polyvinylidene fluoride), polymer, Pyroelectric material, pyro-electricity, Pyroelectric effect