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Design of Solar-Powered Tram No.86 and Reliable Solar Power Supply Line for its Operation in Victoria

This project aims to develop a fully solar powered tram service to replace the existing electrical tram system for route 86 (RMIT Bundoora to Waterfront City Docklands). As a result, the following objectives and goals are to be met: -The solar power system must supply an adequate amount of electrical power to operate tram route 86 for the entire duration of the service, seven days a week. -The solar power system must aim to produce zero emissions of greenhouse gases, as well as other harmful pollutants. -Costing of the project must be minimised to ensure travel fares are kept at the lowest possible price. The completion of this project will allow for the trams in route 86 to be powered by an independent electrical system, therefore cutting the long-term running costs required to operate these tram services.