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Process Capability Improvement of Routing Machines through Standardization of Compensation

The process capability of machines is an important aspect in Quality Management to decide whether or not a process is capable of meeting the required specifications. process capability measures the ability of a process of producing acceptable products according to the established specifications. The most common indicator used to measure the process capability is the process capability index. There are several Process capability Indices (PCI’s) to measure the process capability of machines. This paper uses CpK i.e., process capability index to measure the same. Prior to CpK measurement, a detail study of Routing compensation was carried out in the routing shop floor for four different machines against two parameters ; Router diameter and Stack height and the variations in compensation value were graphically plotted diameter wise and operator wise. The current situation was established in order to assess the present scenario and set up a target value for future scope of improvement. Correspondingly, CpK values were also generated for the current situation. Post corrective measures and actions there was a significant improvement in the CpK-value. Finally the results were statistically compared to know the improvement. Keywords - Routing; Process capability; Index of Process capability; compensation.