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Experimental Investigation of Vibration Characteristics of Magnetorheological Fluid with Single Rotor System

Magnetorheological fluids are materials that respond to an applied magnetic field with a dramatic change in their rheological behavior. The essential characteristic of these fluids is their ability to reversibly change from a free-flowing, linear, viscous liquid to a semi-solid with controllable yield strength in milliseconds when exposed to a magnetic field. Magnetorheological fluids find a variety of applications in almost all the vibration control systems especially in automobile suspensions, seat suspensions, clutches, robotics, design of buildings and bridges, home appliances like washing machines etc.This paper focuses on obtaining the Torsional Vibration Characteristics of a shaft attached to a disc immersed in Magnetorheological fluids which is manufactured in-house. For this an experimental setup consisting of a single rotor is fabricated to test the fluid. Testing of the Magnetorheological fluid is done under active and inactive states and the superiority of damping under active state for two electromagnets at set of distances apart is proved by finding out the damping factor in each condition. Index terms - Magnetorheological fluids, Torsional Vibration, Damping factor