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Combination Fuel Ceramic Kiln

This research aimed to develop a ceramic kiln as a semi-continuous energy saving kiln, using combination energy of biomass gas and LPG gas to serve small and medium enterprises, and to test the efficiency of the kiln. The results showed that biomass was stove as a fireplace and combustion chamber with LPG gas burners. The biomass gas stove was cylindrical 35 centimeter diameters, 70 centimeter high. The ceramic kiln was 1 cubic meter, opened in the front, and down draft kiln. Conventional tank burning biomass burners was also served as a fireplace and combustion chamber for the kiln together with LPG gas. Testing the efficiency of firing found that, the case burned by the LPG gas, LPG was burnt for 48 kilograms, for 4.30 hours, at 1,230 degree Celsius, and took 4.30 hours with combination of LPG for 25 kilograms and 200 kilograms of biomass fuel fired at 1,230 degree Celsius. Index Terms - Ceramic kiln, Combination fuel, Biomass, Energy saving.