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Production of Bio-Diesel from Waste Cooking Oil

To dispose used cooking oil is not environment friendly. However, recycled waste cooking oil is also harmful for health. To reproduce it into biodiesel will be one of the best solutions for that. The main aim of this present paper is to produce biodiesel from waste cooking oil. The biodiesel was prepared from waste cooking oil. ASTM standard methods were used to characterize physical properties of biodiesel. The composition of final biodiesel was determined by taking considerations of physical properties such as density, viscosity, flash point, water content and calorific value. From the tests, the flash point temperature was obtained as 97◦C, water content was 0.01% of biodiesel, viscosity at 40◦C was 5.69 mm2/sec, density 880 kg /m3 and calorific value of 39712kJ/kg. Keywords: Biodiesel production, waste cooking oil, physical properties of biodiesel