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Structural and Thermal Analysis of IC Engine Piston Head with Concave and Convex Shapes

The design of engine parts is complex and efficiency is related to the material used. Basic design calculation are to be made for a selected type of carburetor or diesel engine component. This uses standard procedure of obtaining critical dimensional values from empirical formulae and material constants resulted from previous experimental data. A three dimensional model can be made using solid modeling software’s like CATIA and SOLIDWORKS and mesh can be generated. Further, a finite element model can be made and analysis can be carried out using software's like ANSYS. With help of this analysis, points where high stresses are observed due to the structure of piston can be studied from the results. For different standard alloys being used in manufacture of pistons to optimization of design values at the early stages by exploring new materials is always an interest to engineers. Also studying different modes of failure caused in piston head, skirt and rings will help in designing in a better way to prevent failure and life of engine member can be precisely told. Considering these advantages, a comparison of two types of piston heads is presented in this work. Keywords - Piston, CATIA, ANSYS, Failure, Structural, Thermal.