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Effect of SN Addition on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of as-Cast And Hot-Rolled Am60 Magnesium Alloys

In this study, the effect of Sn addition on microstructure and mechanical properties of AM60 magnesium alloys was investigated. Sn additions were made by 0.5 and 1 wt%. Alloys were produced by conventional gravity casting in a steel mould. A homogenization treatment at 350 °C for 24 h was performed after the casting processes. Homogenized samples were hot-rolled by 40% thickness reduction at 1 pass at 350 °C. The results showed that Sn addition decreased the grain size of both as-cast and hot-rolled AM60 alloys. Furthermore, Sn addition led to formation of Sn containing second phases. Tensile properties were significantly improved by 0.5 wt% Sn addition above which a small decrease was observed. This improvement was attributed to the refinement of microstructure and dispersion strengthening by Mg-Sn intermetallic phases. Index Terms- AM60 magnesium alloys; Sn modification; microstructure; mechanical properties