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Capillary Electro Dynamic Stability of an Oscillating Streaming Fluid Cylinder

The electro gravitational instability of an oscillating streaming fluid cylinder surrounded by a self-gravitating tenuous medium pervaded by transverse varying electric field is discussed under the action of self gravitating, capillary and electro dynamic forces. This has been done for all modes of perturbation. A second order integro-differential equation of Mathieu type has been drived. Several published works are obtained as limiting cases from the present general one. The model is stable due to the stabilizing effect of the transverse electric field in all modes of perturbation. The capillary force has a strong destabilizing influence on the self gravitating instability of the model. The streaming has a strong destabilizing effect in all kinds of perturbation. Keywords - Capillary, Self-gravitating, Oscillating streaming fluid cylinder, Electro dynamic stability