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Analysis of Solar Car Steering Tie Rod using Numerical and Theoretical Approach With Different Materials

A car’s steering wheel is connected to the steering gear and which is connected to the wheels via the tie rod. The job of the tie rod is to ensure the wheels are aligned. It provides the adjustment for wheel alignment that keeps the tires from wearing out on the inner and outer edges. Hence the functioning of tie rod is crucial for steering as well as suspension performance of vehicle. Tie rods are an integral part of vehicle’s steering system. Tie rod may get fail due to varying forces and bumping of vehicle during steering. The forces from the steering are also considered during the static condition of car. Vibration and buckling of tie rod has been continuously a concern which may lead to structural failure. So research work is aimed to assess buckling strength and compare buckling load of tie rod for different materials. Finite element models of the tie rod also analyzed to obtain stress distributions in each component. Based on the theoretical calculation results and finite element analysis with ANSYS results, stress values are validated. The mode shape and natural frequency results for different materials obtained in the normal modal analysis are compared. In buckling analysis, the load factor obtained for different materials are compared and critical buckling load is calculated and is validated by theoretical calculations. Keywords: ANSYS Software, Buckling Analysis, Modal Analysis, Stress Analysis, Steering Tie Rod.