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Thermo Mechanical Treatment of Duplex SAF 2507 Steel

This contribution deals with thermomechanical treatment of SAF 2507 duplex steel. The purpose of the treatment was to achieve the desired shape and hardness of the workpiece. It was intended to use a hardness contrib precipitates of intermetallic phases. Since intermetallic precipitation is very sensitive to the forging temperature and post-forging cooling rate, the entire forging process and post modelling. Above all, the rate of cooling after forging was monitored at several pre on the resulting microstructure and mechanical properties in duplex steel. The presence of intermetallic phases was detected using optical and scanning electron microscopy. Their types were identified by means of EBSD analysis. As intermetallic precipitation causes severe embrittlement, notch impact toughness was measured upon individual experiments. Index Terms- Thermomechanical treatment, numerical simulation, duplex steel, EBSD analysis