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Comparison of Pid & Fuzzy Controller Implementation on Vector Control Induction Motor Fed by Z-Source Inverter

The induction motors were characterized by complex, highly non-linear and time varying dynamics, and hence their speed control is a challenging problem in the industry. The advent of vector control techniques has solved induction motor control problems. The development of any for the design of such control system undoubtedly requires the synthesis of many concepts from artificial intelligence. The most commonly used controller in the industry field is proportional plus – integral –plus derivative (PID) controller. Fuzzy logic controller (FLC) provides an alternative to PID Controller, especially when the available system models are inexact or unavailable. PID Controller is more suitable in steady state condition and for linear system but Fuzzy Controller will be more suitable for nonlinear systems. Fuzzy controller performs well in nonlinear systems than PID controller. However it is further needs to be improved in terms of overshoot and settling time. So control strategies based on soft computing could be alternative. Z -source inverter can be used to control the speed of an induction motor. ZSI reduced the voltage stress across the capacitor in the impedance network. This paper investigates the analysis and performance based on various parameters of induction motor fed with a Z source inverter using Fuzzy Controller & PID Controller. Simulation is carried out in MATLAB environment and results are investigated for speed control of induction motor fed by z-source inverter using with PID & Fuzzy Logic Controller. Keywords - PID, Fuzzy Controller, Z-Source Inverter, Induction Motor, Simulink Model