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An Experimental Study on the Effect of Lubrication and Heating on Draw Parameter of CRCA Sheet using Erichsen Cupping Drawing Test

The objective of this experiment is to compare the draw depth and drawing force in different conditions like Dry, Lubricated and Heated of CRCA sheets .Optimizing the draw depth of CRCA Sheet with the help of Erichsen cupping test machine. For lubrication, Teflon sheet and Boric acid is used while for heating, the heating oven is used to heat the CRCA sheet. The sheet is heated at different temperature range and the draw depth, draw force is being measured. Similar testing is done on lubricating and dry conditions. This experiment result defines the change in the elongation of draw depth and draw force on the CRCA sheet due to change in the drawing conditions. It was found that drawing of CRCA sheet under 200C° show the optimum results in terms of Draw force and draw depth. Keywords - CRCA Sheet, Erichsen cupping drawing test machine, Draw Force and Draw Depth.