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Numerical Analysis of Thermal Behaviors of Column Beam Structures with Different Insulation Thickness

Energy consumption is increasing in proportion to the increasing population in the world. Therefore, energy saving in the buildings has become an important issue in recent years. For this, it is necessary to apply the heat insulation correctly in the buildings. In this study, especially the heat insulation applied for energy saving in Turkey and in the world, has been examined. Optimum insulation thickness was investigated for the cities belonging to 4 different degree day regions in Turkey. The model was confirmed through results of a different study in the literature. Surface temperature changes and heat loss of different insulation thicknesses are analyzed. The column beam structure is modeled in 2D and numerically solved in the Comsolprogramme. By comparing the results of internal and external insulation, it was determined that the most suitable insulation type is external insulation which does not form a heat bridge. As a result, the optimum insulation thickness for the Antalya province in the 1st degree day region is 3 cm, for ─░stanbul in the 2nd degree day region it is 5 cm, for Ankara in the 3rd degree day region it is 6 cm and for Erzurum in the 4th degree day region, 7 cm. Index Terms - Heat bridge, Insulation, NumericalStudy, Comsol