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Mixed Convection Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow Around Circular Cylinder Surface Placed in an open - Cell Aluminium Foam Filled with Nanofluid

Mixed convection heat transfer and fluid flow around circular cylinder surface placed in an open-cell aluminium foam subjected to a constant heat flux inside a horizontal channel, filled with nanofluid is numerically studied. The open-cell aluminium foam is made of alloy 6101-T6 with porosity of 0.93, and pore densities of (10, 40) PPI. Nanofluid with three different types of nanoparticles, aluminium oxide (Al2O3), copper oxide (CuO) and silicon dioxide (SiO2) with volume fraction of 4% and nanoparticle diameter of (25nm) dispersed in water are used. Three models have been employed in this paper as test sections: model (A) the aluminium foam is around one circular cylinder heat source, model (B) the aluminium foam is around two circular cylinders heat source and model (C) the aluminium foam is around three circular cylinders heat source. In each model, the heat flux is maintained at 3000W/m2, circular cylinder diameter is (1cm) and the aluminium foam length is (5cm). The governing equations continuity, momentum and energy are solved by using the Finite-Volume Method (FVM). The effects of aluminium foam and nanofluid properties on mixed convection heat transfer with three models in a rectangular horizontal channel are investigated. The results have shown that higher average Nusselt number is obtained when using nanofluid (SiO2-water) and 40PPI aluminium foam pore density at higher Reynolds number value with model C. Keywords: Mixed convection, open cell-aluminium foam, nanofluid, cross flow around circular cylinder.