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Study on Mechanical and Microstructural Behaviour of Cu-Zn Alloy Upon Heat Treatment and Severe Plastic Deformation

The objective of this study is to investigate the effects of microstructure and mechanical properties like Tensile/Yield strength, ductility and Vickers hardness on brass alloys when subjected to annealing conditions. The results indicated improvement in ductility with successive annealing temperatures, by compromising strength and hardness. Microstructures of base metal as well as annealed samples were observed using Metallurgical microscope. Additionally, brass alloys with different lead concentrations were subjected to severe plastic deformation using ECAP process and the experiments indicated that the samples could not undergo shear deformation. The fracture surface of failed specimen has been studied using HITACHI S-3000H electron microscope. The electron images of the surface when subjected to EDS analysis, indicated lead segregation ahead of the crack tip. Keywords- Brass Alloy, Mechanical Properties, Annealing, ECAP Process, EDS.