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Analysis of Brain Trauma in Side Crash Based on Fem Model

Head trauma is one of the most common causes of deaths in car accidents, sports Activities, war and etc. Based on complicated modelling problems, in this study, a finite element model of the human head has been developed in order to evaluate different types of brain damage. First 233 sections MRI images of the head of a 42 years old man were prepared. The geometric models of Skull, Meninges and brain were extracted. Using 3-Matic software, Multi-Stage editing operation, surface smoothing, and removing the border interaction was conducted. Mechanical properties related to any of the tissues of the skull, meninges and brain membrane are applied. The brain pressure was validated against intracranial pressure data reported by Nahum et al. After ensuring the validity of the model, data acceleration in the head recording from side impact test was applied to the model. Data from the simulation were compared with the injury criteria. Developing a new computational model for these injuries evaluation including side crash case, have not been considered in previous studies. So, considering this problem in addition to developing an accurate and efficient FEM head model could be supposing the considerable innovation of this study. Keywords- Brain Injury Biomechanics, Side Crash, FEM Head Model, SDH, DAI