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Design and Operation of Electromechanical Separation Process for Heat Stable Salts Removal from Gas Sweetening Amine Solutions

This study aims at the development of a novel electromechanical separator to remove undesired ions from Alkanolamines solution used in gas sweetening. The proposed process constitutes of a metallic pipe and a concentricdeviator at the outlet. The external pipe is connected to a power source and charged with a positive charge, and the deviator is connected to the power source has a negative charge. The electrical potential will act as a driving force to facilitate the removal of the targeted ions. A theoretical model based on the fundamental of fluid mechanics and electrical separation is developed. The numerical simulation results are obtained to examine the efficacy of the developed design. Several important parameters i.e the ratio between inner pipe dimeter (ri) to the shell pipe dimeter (Ri) are investigated to examine their effect on the process. It is found the separation decreases as the ri/Riincreases, and it is also found that the concentrate loss decreases significantly as the ri/Riratio increases. It is also confirmed that the separation efficiency decreases with increasing the pipe diameter, and the efficiency increases with the increase in pipe length. The proposed process design can find utilities in various industrial application. Keywords- Desalination; Electrical; Separation; Modeling;