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Parametric Simulation and flow Visualization of Micro-Diffuser used in Mems and Microsystem Devices

This simulation work involves flow visualization of micro-diffusers. These diffusers are used in microsystems. Five diffusers with varying diffuser angle (hence varying outlet throat size) are designed in this work. Additionally, four combinations of flow are also formulated for simulation. The pressure-controlled flows with varying inlet pressure (6 kPa to 12 kPa at an increment of 1 kPa) and a constant outlet pressure (0 kPa) are simulated. Three possible designs of the diverging side wall of the diffuser are also considered. The pressure and velocity distributions are obtained in the diffuser sections. It was found that the inlet pressure has a significant effect on the pressure and velocity distribution. Also, the inlet flow directions and diverging side wall are also affecting pressure and velocity distributions. Keywords - Diffuser, Nozzle, Flow, COMSOL, Micro-electro-mechanical system.