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Optimization of 40 Feet Trailer Chassis based on Structural Static Simulation

Automobile chassis is one of the most crucial part of the automobile industry. It is a rigid structure that forms a skeleton to hold all other parts which constitute the entire vehicle. Its principle function is to safely carry the maximum load for all designed operating conditions. This paper shows the model of an existing truck chassis and modifies the I beam dimensions as well as the number of cross members used based on the stress and strain values. Cross members are maybe removed or added as per proper safety considerations. The 3D model has been constructed, by physically measuring the dimensions of the existing chassis by less accurate methods, in SOLIDWORKS and then the file has been converted to STEP and imported to ANSYS for analysis of the under various loads and is primarily checked for von-misses stress, strain and deformation. The load is considered to be a uniformly distributed. This study has helped in the structural weight optimization of the 40 feet trailer chassis by reducing the weight by 8.21%. Keywords - ANSYS, Chassis, Deformation, SOLIDWORKS, Von-mises stress, Strain.