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Critical Reliability Analysis of Super Heater Tubes of Coal Based Boiler

The coal based Boiler is a vital system providing steam not only to generate power but also supply process steam to various sections like in Steel industries, Tyre industries, Textile industries and Cement industries etc. Running of this system constitutes several types of cost with major constituent of coal and similarly with high profit business. It consists of several pressure parts subsystems like Superheater, Water Walls and Economiser affecting the performance of system. The one of the most critical subsystem is Superheater, when superheater fails, entire system must be shut down to effect repairs resulting loss of profit. Generally, reliability based preventive maintenance interval (PMI) at various reliability levels of the subsystems are estimated, but the PMI of every subsystem is brought the entire subsystem to stop and resulting loss of profit. This present paper investigates the methodology for determination of critical reliability based on the trend test of failure, repair data, and the suitable distribution model. Therefore, optimal decision for Superheater can be made based on reliability analysis. Keywords - Critical Subsystems, Distribution Fitting, Reliability, TBF, TTR, Superheater