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Effect of Heat Treatment on the Corrosion Behavior of High Strength Aluminum Alloy

Aluminum 7xxx series Al-Zn–Mg–Cu alloys have wide applications as aerospace structural components because of their superior performance, high strength to weight ratio and ease of fabrication. The main objective of the present investigation is to study the corrosion behavior of AA7075 alloy under stress in an alternative environment. In the present study, AA7075 alloy was subjected to stress corrosion cracking test. The AA7075 alloys are widely used as highly stressed components, which are being exposed to various severe environments. The AA7075 extrusion of 200 mm diameter, which is developed and supplied by Ordnance Factory Ambhajahari (OFAJ), Nagpur. Keywords - Aluminum Alloys, Corrosion, Heat treatment, Characterization, Microstructure.