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Analyze Effect of Fillet on Polygonal Shaft and Disc Assembly

The polygonal shaft and disc has its own advantage of assembly with little or no interference to be used for the assembled components, in addition to very less stress concentration. This method can be very beneficial to heavy duty applications such as turbo machinery. It is possible to transfer higher torque smoothly with polygonal shaft. Usually loboid shaft cross section and identical shaped bore is used, however keeping the sides flat with fillet at the corners will give reasonable results. The advantage of fillet over lobed profile is that the former profile takes less effort to manufacture. This paper gives an idea about the effect of fillet radius in polygonal shaft-disc assembly. An attempt is made to test the triangular profile shaft cross section with different fillet radius at the corners. The analysis reveals that as the fillet radius increases, the stress decreases drastically in addition to healthy contact pressure and increased stickiness for tighter connection between the shaft and disc assembly. Keywords - Polygonal Shaft, Polygonal Disc, Fillet Radius, Turbo Machine.