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Performance Characteristics of CI Engine using Diesel and Blends of Biodiesel Corn Oil with Axial Lined on Threaded Bluff Body

The object of this study is to examine the method to enhance the air swirl to achieve betterment in engine performance in Direct Injection single cylinder diesel engine. The combustion efficiency in the combustion chamber depends on the formation of mixture of air and fuel. This mixture depends on the amount of Swirl created in the combustion chamber. This leads to increase the thermal efficiency of the engine. For this, need to improve in performance, combustion and emission characteristics of Direct injection single cylinder diesel engine through the axial lined on threaded bluff body by using blends of biodiesel corn oil which has better physiochemical properties. This experiment used to intensify the swirl for better mixing of fuel and air and to enhance the performance of the engine. The swirl can be generated in the diesel engine by modifying the parameters of the piston crown and cylinder head.