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Shape Optimization of an Overdesinged Chain Link by using Desing of Experiment and Grapical Optimization

Chains are one of the most important structural and carrier element in the industry. Chains often used in lines which is carrying heavy components. Therefore, they are exposed to heavy. Thus, in general chains ,which are carry heavy loads, and their geometries are quite large. In general designers prefer high safety factors for these components so the chain mass is increase unnecessarily. In this study a chain link which works under the tensile loads was investigated according to stress, mass and geometrical properties. The first design of the chain link was determined overdesign. Thus an optimization study was done. Two different geometrical dimensions of the chain were selected design variables. By using design of experiment and response surface method, shape optimization process was done. Also the shape optimization was performed by using graphical optimization method. Both methods gave the same result. As a result of the study the chain mass was decreased nearly %50.