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S-shaped One Trail Parallel Parking of a Car-Like Mobile Robot

In this paper, car-like mobile robot motion task is to park between the parallel posture cars for narrow parking space in an obstacle free environment. The planning of parking trajectory is purely based on the geometric approach, which can be determined by the geometry of the robot and its steering angle. The fundamental of circular concept is used as the main idea for this research. The s-shaped trajectory parking path is formed by the two identical circles tangentially connected. The starting point to be moving along the s-shaped trajectory can get from two circles subtracting idea. The working area is constrained by the wall and sensor arrangement. Ultrasonic sensor data are used as the main decision part to change the parking states for instance to find the parking space and to adjust robot orientation. Fuzzy filter is used to stabilize sensor data and quick response input. Localization system is done by odometry that mainly used the sensor output as the input command. The mobile robot will make the parking in one trail maneuver system. The proposed planning method does not depend on the initial position of the robot but it must be parallel with the parking space. Keywords - Parallel Parking, Geometric Path Planning, Orientation, S-shaped Trajectory, One Trail.