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Enhancement in Drive Train for Self-Driven Electric Vehicle

Burning of fossil fuels and bad maneuverability of the vehicle has been a main concern in the automotive industry nowadays. Fossil fuels have proven to be a boost in automotive industry till now, but due to its side effects like pollution and availability etc. it’s proving to be a destructive agent for the industry, and because of the increasing population of the world which are rising the problems like parking etc. vehicles and people demand more flexibility, hence highlighting maneuverability of the vehicle to be a great concern. Furthermore, in this technologically rising era the term ‘selfdriving vehicle’ is proving to be an important part of the automotive industry. These days three aspects are of major concern, firstly pollution by the vehicles, secondly maneuverability of the vehicle and self-driven capability of the vehicle. What if we can take care of all these three major aspects in a single technique? In this paper, the author proposes a technique to get the solution of all these problems at a time. Through this process the author will be able to improve the maneuver of the vehicle by increasing the steering angle of it, make it fossil fuel free by employing electric motors for propulsion and provide it with an ability to drive itself by the use of electronic control unit and the proposed steering and propulsion mechanisms, which will be followed by the areas of improvement, advantages and disadvantages of the technique. At the end we will also see the reliance and durability of the system, hence proving it to be a technique and technology of future. Keywords - Outrunner Induction Motor, AC Servo Motor, Electric Vehicles, Protean Electric, Electronic Control Unit.