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Performance Evaluation of an Anti-Lock Braking System

In today’s fast moving world, the conventional brake system is difficult for manipulated control by the driver during emergency and panic braking situations over increasing traffic, bad road-conditions and high/express ways leading to road accident and automobile are facing problem to get overcome in it. The paper present research work is carried out to develop a new mechanical anti-lock breaking system (ABS) concept, which will address above problems.ABS is an automobile safety system that not only keeps tractive contact with the road surface but also prevent the wheels from locking up when brake is applied. In this paper first of all system dynamic equations are explained and The wheel slip is regulated so that the road adhesion coefficient is maximized. By keeping all of the wheels of a vehicle near the maximum friction coefficient, an antilock system can attain maximum fictional force. In turn, this strategy leads to the minimization of the vehicle stopping distance.