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Evaluation of J-Integral for Crack in Single-V Butt Weld Joint in Presence of Residual Stresses

The evaluation of J-integral for crack in the presence of welding residual stresses is computationally complex. In this study J-integral is calculated for crack located in single-V butt joint of austenitic stainless steel plates of grade 316L.To obtain residual stresses from welding, a decoupled thermo-mechanical analysis is performed. An advanced element birth and death technique is used to represent weld deposition process. Mapping stress method is used to transfer the weld induced residual stresses to a stress free component in which a crack is introduced at the center of weld. The effect of combined loading of weld induced residual stresses and an external mechanical load on distribution J-integral value are studied. The results of welding simulation are in good agreement with literature. The values of J-integral obtained as a result of crack body analysis shows good path independence. The J-integral values exhibit variation across thickness direction from root towards the mouth of weld joint. Keywords - Welding Simulation, Element Birth and Death, Residual Stresses, J-Integral.