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Thermal Stress Analysis with Finite Difference Method of Functionally Graded Circular Plates

In this study, thermal residual stress analysis of functionally graded circular plates (FGCP) with temperature-dependent material properties carried out. Finite difference equations were used in solving Navier’s equations of heat transfer and elasticity. The grading along the plate was made along the surface of the plate and it was assumed that the material properties are continuous functions of spatial coordinates. In this study, the thermal stress analysis on the functionally graded hollow cylinder with temperature dependent material properties was performed and compared with the analysis made for temperature independent material properties. As a result, the change in material properties depending on the temperature does not affect the temperature distribution and levels throughout the plate, while the equivalent stress levels increase by 2 times and the distribution extends from the outer regions of the plate to the inner regions. Index Terms— finite difference methods, functionally graded material, temperature-dependent material properties, thermal residual stress analyses.