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Two Phase Flow Separation in a Horizontal Separator by Inlet Diverter Plate in Oilfield Industries

In the present study, series of simulations were carried out for two phase (oil and gas) and three-dimensional turbulent flow through a horizontal oil-separator. The paper mainly focused on the dependence of the separation efficiency of the oil-separator to the distance between the diverter plate and the inlet pipe for various inlet velocities. Three different distances (100 mm, 150 mm and 200 mm) were considered for four different inlet velocities; 0.25 m/s, 0.50 m/s, 0.75 m/s and 1.00 m/s. Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) studies revealed that the lowest separation efficiency was 56% when the space between the diverter of top inlet was 100 mm and the velocity was 1 m/s. Nevertheless, the highest separation efficiency was found when the fluid flows with 0.25 m/s through the vertical pipe whose inlet was 200 mm away from the diverter plate. For this case, the flow separation was calculated as 99%. It was concluded that there are an inverse correlation between the inlet velocity and the separation efficiency. Keywords - Horizontal separator, Oil gas separation, Two phase flow.