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Experimental Investigation of Bending Properties of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Composites

Over the last century, polymers have emerged as one of the most indispensible components used in everyday life, epoxy or poly-epoxide being one such example. Until recently, carbon fiber materials have been the preferred choice for reinforcement of epoxy to improve its strength. However, fiber materials are emerging as suitable alternatives to synthetic materials for reinforcing polymers such as epoxy due to their environment friendliness, high abundance, renewability, and cost effectiveness. Several research efforts have been put to study the effectiveness of carbon fiber based materials on the mechanical behavior of epoxy composites, focusing mainly on fibers and their weight percent’s within the composites. The work presented in this project work is concerned with the experimental investigation of bending properties of carbon fiber reinforced epoxy composites. In this, Carbon fiber reinforced epoxy composites have been prepared and the parameter such as flexural strength is determined. It is observed that, the maximum flexural strength is obtained for the composite fiber oriented at 45 degree and minimum at 90 degree. Further, the fiber with 45 degree orientation is suitable for flexural load. Keywords - Carbon Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Composites, Bending Properties,