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Influence of Injection Pressure on the Performance of CI Engine using Waste Cooking Oil as a Fuel

It is seen that large progress has been made in the concept of vegetable oils used as alternative fuels for CI engines. In this work non edible oils like waste cooking oil is mixed with various proportions is used for the investigation. Investigations are the influence of injection pressure on the performance, emission and combustion characteristics of methyl ester of waste cooking oil and diesel blends. A single cylinder diesel engine is used to conduct experiments at a constant speed of 1500rpm under variable load conditions. The experimental results of performance characteristics like brake thermal efficiency, brake specific fuel consumption are recorded and compared with that of diesel. It is noticed that, the brake thermal efficiency of diesel was obtained as 42.3% and that of biodiesel blends was obtained as 43.2%, 35.6%, 35.9%, 36.1% and 38.9% at full load condition. Keywords - Waste cooking oil, Diesel Engine, Brake thermal efficiency, Injection pressure