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A Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation Model for a Tube and Analyze the Heat Transfer enhancement in a Tube with Nanofluid

This paper describes the thermal conductivity can be enhanced by addition of Nano particle. Thermal conductivity is one property which plays an important role in increasing the heat transfer rate. When a Nano size particle mixed with base fluid then increase in thermal conductivity, and also increase the cooling efficient fluid flow in pipes.Nanofluid is a novel type of fluid. The current study aims at numerical investigations of heat transfer in pipe using nanofluids. The present study also aims increasing thermal conductivity by mixing nanoparticle with base fluid and thus increases the heat transfer rate. The study also proposed for more efficient heat transfer rate by varying material, particle size, and volume fraction. The objective of the project was to develop a CFD simulation model for a tube and analyse the heat transfer enhancement in a tube with Nano fluid. The purpose of the work was to analyse the heat transfer enhancement with different particle concentration and Reynolds number. Keywords - Nanofluid, Thermal conductivity, CFD, FLUENT, Reynolds no.