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Optimization of Cutting Parameters by Turning Operation in Lathe Machine

A common method to manufacture parts to a specific dimension involves the removal of excess material by machining operation with the help of cutting tool. Turning process is the one of the methods to remove material from cylindrical and non-cylindrical parts. In any machining process, it is most important to determine the optimal settings of machining parameters aiming at reduction of production costs and achieving the desired product quality. Different experiments are done by varying one parameter and keeping other two fixed so maximum value of each parameter was obtained. Operating range is found by experimenting with top spindle speed and taking the lower levels of other parameters. Every day scientists are developing new materials and for each new material, we need economical and efficient machining. It is also predicted that Taguchi method is a good method for optimization of various machining parameters as it reduces the number of experiments. In this work the relation between change in hardness caused on the material surface due the turning operation with respect to different machining parameters like spindle speed, feed and depth of cut have been investigated. Taguchi method has been employed to plan the experiment where the material used is aluminum. The main effects have been calculated and percentage contribution of various process parameters affecting hardness also determined. Keywords - Turning Machine, Spindle Speed, Feed, Depth of Cut and Taguchi Method etc.