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To Study of Speed Controlled Railway Track Cleaning System

Indian Railways was being roundly criticized for creating an environment hazard by discharging toilet waste on tracks. Indian Railway coaches have toilet system that has hole on the floor through which human faeces and urine is flushed directly on railway tracks. Various types of environment friendly Green toilets have put on outfields trials by Indian Railways to overcome this problem.Controlled Discharge Toilet System (CDTS), Bio-toilet developed by Indian Railways engineers and DRDO biotechnologists, development of Zero Discharge Toilet System (ZDTS) by IIT Kanpur and Research Development and Standards Organization (RDSO) Lucknow, are some efforts in this direction. These technologies are more expensive due to inherent complexities, disposal problem at yards (ZDTS) and requirement of extra infrastructure at the terminal.Speed Controlled Railway Track Cleaning system, is an automatic toilet waste collection and disposal system which can be extremely helpful in Indian Railways as well as heavy long-distance transport vehicles .This system can be fitted to the existing toilet compartment without modification as it functions in either directions of the movement of the train.This similar technology can also be adopted in buses and other heavy transport vehicles with a change being that this system will have to be operated upon manually. Keywords - Indian railways, bio toilets, centrifugal governor, vacuum toilets etc.