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Comparative Analysis of Mechanical Behaviour of Beam using FEM and FEA

In this paper, the increasing the demand for structurally economical and considerably higher strength to weight magnitude relation structures is usually served by the stepped beam. These structural components producing by steel and aluminum element material that typically loading is applied, and beam components situated at a distinct spacing in one or each direction. Firstly, we'll think about a geometrically nonlinear beam downside by analyzing the massive deflections of a beam of linear elastic material, under the action of cross-load on its length. underneath the action of those external hundreds, the beam deflects into a curve known as the elastic curve. Firstly, the connection between the beam deflection and therefore they would be used STAAD. Pro, so the results would be extended to perform analysis on beam. The simulation analysis is completed with a numerical analysis of the system exploitation the STAAD. Pro, a comprehensive finite element package, that permits to unravel the nonlinear equation. STAAD. Pro provides an expensive graphics capability which will be accustomed show results of a study on a high-resolution graphics digital computer. Keywords - FEM and FEA, Stepped beam, Elongation, Stress, STAAD.Pro etc.