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Thermal Analaysis of Hydrodynamic Journal Bearing with Surface Texture

Thermohydrodynamic analysis is allotted to get the realistic performance characteristics of the bearing. such a large amount of researchers are worn out this field. principally the analyses used 2-D energy equation to seek out the temperature distribution within the fluid film by neglecting the temperature. In gift investigation the numerical approach which may accurately predict the performance characteristics of a surface rough-textured (grooving) bearing are bestowed. once study literatures, some parameters area unit modified like; groove diameter, range of groove or pattern. once analysis the results area unit valid in some sensible literature that mentioned in reference. The 3D momentum equations and also the continuity equations governing the flow field within the positive pressure fluid film region within the clearance area of the finite bearing area unit accustomed acquire speed and pressure field within the fluid flow. 3D energy equations is employed to get the temperature distribution within the fluid film. The solutions of the material flow and thermal equations area unit obtained employing a CFD code Fluent. Keywords - Textured Journal bearing,Lubrication, ANSYS CFD Fluent, etc.