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A Study in Monolithic Structure

Monolithic structure means the whole structure along with the slab is casted at a time. In order to construct a monolithic structure we required formwork for construction. In this project we discuss about the importance of use of monolithic construction work for high rise building. In accordance with the importance of time, it is feasible method for construction of the repetitive construction work as compared to conventionally applied method of construction. In this work we use aluminum formwork. Monolithic construction work is able to deliver good quality and durable structure in cost effective manner. It has been used in development of silos, residential building, schools, stadium, and roof of industries, nuclear reactors, pressure vessel, and auditorium. In monolithic structure we used formwork which provides proper alignment, smooth surface and good quality work. Due to use of formwork it increases the speed of construction as compare to conventional method. Keywords - Monolithic Method, Aluminum Formwork, Construction Cost, Time, Quality.