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Fabrication of Automated Conveyor System for Material Handling based on LDR

The paper presents an effective solution for conventional packaging system in industries to reduce the manual efforts. The simplest version for automation in the field of transportation & packaging is the result of our research. The main idea of our research is to fabricate a small and simple conveyor belt system and automate the process of packaging small cubic piece of wood into small paper box. A low cost LDR sensor, which is basically a photocell, that works on the principle of photoconductivity has been used. A laser beam is combined with LDR sensor to provide the information to the controller. Electric DC motor used as output actuator for the system to move the conveyor belt after getting the orders from the control system. The efficiency of the approach confirmed by the results of theoretical & experimental research of control system based on industrial controllers. The result obtained show that the system able to decrease product packaging time and increase product packaging rates compared with conventional manual system. Keywords- Electrical DC motor, Industrial controller, Laser beam, LDR sensor, Photoconductivity.