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Comparative Analysis of Cell Formation Techniques in Group Technolgy

In the present paper two array based method of clustering are first considered for solution namely Rank Order Clustering (ROC) and Direct Clustering Analysis (DCA). On the other part ART1 is implemented with the help of a computer program in C++. After getting solutions, the results are compared on the basis of four evaluating parameters Grouping Efficiency, Grouping Efficacy, Machine Utilization and Percentage of Exceptional elements. Further number of computer generated 0-1 matrices have been considered as Part-Machine Incidence Matrices and again three methods of clustering have been implemented. After getting results of all, comparative analysis has been carried out then conclusions are presented in the form of several graphs indicating variation of evaluating parameters with respect to method of solutions. The results obtained while solving test problem which are computer generated, clearly demonstrates that the algorithm ART1 used, is more reliable, efficient and fast in computation. For effective use of ART1, algorithm is mentioned in the thesis and accordingly computer program is written. This method is found to be producing adequately correct results. Therefore it is providing speed as well as functionality increment. Keywords: Group Technology, Cell formation, ROC ,DCA, ART1.