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Production Improvement Through Time Study and Line Balancing: A Case Study in a Manufacturing Industry

Line balancing is a tool that can be used to optimize the workstation or assembly line throughout. This tool will assist in the reduction of the production time and maximizing output or minimizing the cost. The line balancing problem is often expressed in one possible term which is to determine the minimum number of work stations needed and task allocation to produce maximum output rate. Multi model production lines having lot of different sizes each lot having different product and their processing time is also different so it is very difficult to balance the line by any mathematical model , this type of lines are easily balanced by using traditional method of balancing the line ,I used traditional method for balancing the line. The research shows that this traditional method for balancing the line has increased the machine utility by 80 to 100% Keywords - Scheduling, Line Balancing, grinding wheel mills, modular production, productivity.