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Study About Thermo-Structural Behavior of Disc Brake Rotor for Different Materials

Each single system has been studied and developed in order to meet safety requirement. For every vehicle, brake system is one of the most important safety systems because it helps driver to slow or stop the moving vehicle. Without brake system in the vehicle will put a passenger in unsafe position. Therefore, it is must for all vehicles to have proper brake system. Automobile braking system is one of the most important mechanical devices among the others. The disc brake is a device that slows or stops the rotation of a wheel by converting the friction to heat. But if the brakes get too hot, they will cease to work as they cannot dissipate enough heat. This condition of failure is known as brake fade. Disc brakes are exposed to large thermal stresses during routine braking and extraordinary thermal stresses during hard braking. Ventilation applications on disc brake can significantly improve the brake system performance by reducing the heating of the discs. In this paper cast iron and stainless-steel material use for calculating temperature distribution, total heat flux generated, total deformation and equivalent stress on the disc rotor. Keywords - Automobile, brake, brake fad, disc, heat.