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CFD Analysis of Three way Monolithic Catalytic Converter using ANSYS 14.5R

To reduce emission level monolithic three way catalytic convertor are widely been adopted in various combustion engines. Designing any catalytic converter several factors need to be considered, however, it is a very complex process involved in the optimization of different chemical and physical parameters. The catalytic performance of a converter is readily been affected by various parameters such as cell densities, length, metal coverage, composition of fuel, etc. In this article a 3D CFD analysis has been carried out using ANSYS Fluent 14.5R. The performances of convertor have been studied on the basis of conversion efficiency. The governing equations are solved by using FLUENT solver, which further coupled with surface reaction model. The flow characteristics across various section of the catalytic convertor are visualized along with the simulation of heterogamous reaction within the convertor. The results are compared with the previous experimental work of other and they present results are within acceptable limit. Keywords - CFD, Monolithic three way catalytic convertor, Emission.