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Parametric Studies on Thermal Regenerator for Benzene Incineration

The present work deals with study of various operating parameters like particle diameter, bed cross sectional area and cycle time for different benzene concentrations. Temperature distribution in the bed for different particle diameters and bed cross sectional area is analysed. Effect of particle diameter and bed cross sectional area on regenerator bed length is also studied. Bed length is optimised in each case for attaining operative oxidation temperature of 9530C. Effect of cycle time on average exit temperature of hot gas as well as thermal energy recovery (TER) is also discussed. With increase in particle diameter regenerator bed length increases and with increase in bed cross sectional area it decreases. TER remains constant with increase in particle diameter as well as bed cross sectional area. Increase in cycle time increases average exit temperature of hot gas which in turn reduces TER. TER remains constant up to cycle time of 600s but after that it starts reducing. The increase in benzene concentration after 1200 ppm significantly reduces Thermal Energy Recovery as well as bed length for corresponding particle diameters and bed cross sectional areas. Keywords - Cycle Time, Benzene Concentrations, Temperature Distribution, Regenerator Bed Length, Thermal Heat Recovery