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Critical Review on Types of Bricks Type 10: Flyash Clay Burnt Bricks

The manufacturing process uses techniques and equipment similar to those used in clay brick factories. The bricks produced were up to 10.60% lighter than clay bricks. The bricks manufactured from fly ash possessed compressive strength more than 5 N/mm2 which is more than normal clay bricks. This exceeds some of the best of load carrying clay bricks and is several times better than acceptable commercially available common clay bricks. . Fly ash bricks absorb less quantity of water which is under I.S. requirement. Fly ash clay bricks give nil efflorescence. The values of these characteristics for fly ash bricks are excellent and have exceeded those pertaining to clay bricks. Moreover, fly ash bricks have been produced with a naturally occurring reddish colour similar to that of normal clay bricks when added with the clay. This paper deals with bricks made up of fly ash, clay and water also the paper represent the process of manufacturing and various tests recommended for such bricks Keywords - Fly Ash Clay Burnt Bricks Processs of Manufacturing, Materials Selection, Testing, Advantage